Cameras Underground – Best Thing To Come Along In Decades For The Plumbing Industry!

All of us have a clogged drain or slow moving drain from time to time. But when you get a clog so bad the water is absolutely not moving, you usually need the services of a professional plumber. There may be a specific blockage that will take more than the handy plunger or a capful of drain opener product.
A plumber will come to your home and do a visual inspection at the sink that is clogged, the pipes underneath it and then they will go outside and under your home. At this point, if they don’t see anything obvious, they will bring hook up their CCTV and survey the drain and sewage pipes.

CCTV Surveys: How Do They Work, What Are The Benefits?

A CCTV Inspection and tracing for pipes 4” to 6” where a drain clog may be. Basically, a tiny camera is mounted to a long cable on the end and then placed down the drain, into the pipe. The camera transmits a signal via the cable to a monitor and the plumber is able to see what is clogging the pipe. He can than ascertain what needs to be done next. It could be any number of things clogging it or a tree root has busted through and not only clogged the drain pipe, but allows sewage to leak through the busted pipe.

Main Advantage

This is a minimally intrusive survey because the plumber is only working through the drain itself. There is no digging or trenching. The floors and the walls are not damaged. Other than having a clogged drain, your home life routine is undisturbed.

Nothing is Missed

The CCTV operator will occasionally miss something, so the images are usually recorded so they can be studied later. After camera inspections of sewer lines and drain lines like this, a 3D model is generated of the pipe’s insides which make it easier to identify the blockage or spot other possible problems.

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