Recently, Renew Services Inc completed a project at my 1940s era home.  We had a new PVC sewer line installed to replace the old galvanized steel lines; we also had a copper water service line installed to replace our old original lead pipe; as well, we had a backflush valve added.   

Rick and his crew did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  

RE: Consultation
Rick’s name was provided to me by a large plumbing company in the City when I was initially looking for someone to come provide a quote for the job.  Rick took his time to look carefully through the house, taking into consideration the age of the house, components etc.  He turned the quote around quickly and was able to answer questions that I had about the job.  I was initially hesitant to have the invasive work done.  Rick’s price came right in line with what Epcor had approximated for costs.

RE: Delivery
Upon arrival there was considerable prep to do: working around a large tree, removing portion of back fence, putting drop cloths through the house.  They waited while we moved some plantings quickly.  Considering my fence is old (and shows it), it was disassembled carefully and care was taken with the 70 year old spruce.  The alleyway was tight and difficult to move but the crew worked carefully and professionally to dig a large pit, preserve nature and not touch a concerned neighbors property.  
The crew took the same care in the basement as they dug up part of my foundation.  In the house, drop cloths were placed to minimize mess. 
The long new length of pipe had to be run through a window.  Measures were taken to ensure there was no damage to the house (ie: rubbing against window frames, door frames). 

RE: Clean-up
When the work was complete, everything was returned as close to original as possible with great care to cleanliness.  My old fence was reattached.  The concrete finishing work downstairs was fantastic.  Considering how messy and intrusive this work is, I was really happy with how it all looked at the end.  

Finally, I’d just like to say that I was also very impressed by the friendly, professional attitude displayed by the whole team working at the house for 2.5 hard days, and by Tracey in the Renew office.

I’m really happy I chose Rick and the team at Renew Services to do the job and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the company to anyone or any business.


Home Owner, St. Albert